Sydney The Artist is a freelance Visual Artist & Graphic Designer. Sydney began her career in Cairns Queensland as a Visual Artist, completing her bachelors in Creative Industries and working with a wide range of art mediums such as mix media painting, printmaking, and ceramics.


From Cairns, Sydney moved to the United States to embark on a learning adventure to expand her knowledge and love for the Hip Hop culture and its heavy influences in her work, including studying African American History and hip-hop studies at the University of North Carolina. Sydney then moved to NYC where she started her own clothing line (Live Art Wear).

Sydney spent three years in Brooklyn & Washington Heights in New York working as a designer, embracing the culture, building her networks, expanding her brand and receiving endless inspiration and growth.

Sydney wanted to bring back what she learned and experienced in the States and apply it to growing her own business here in Australia, which is how she ended up in Gordonvale, with her family business Tropica Store & Studio. She wants to continue creating here and hopes to follow further passions of hers like Mental Illness Awareness, Anti Racism & just using her creativity to help others.